SAS-fit Residential Care

SAS-fit are different.

When people consider, or are referred for residential care, the traditional clinics may be effective in treating the person’s ‘Go-to’ coping strategies, such as self-harm, gambling, addiction to drugs, addiction to alcohol (or both).

But they do not include, in their treatment, identifying and treating the root-cause of their issues and the reason for the problematic coping strategies.

What we do.

Referral to SAS-fit includes a consultation to assess your employee prior to their entry into residential care. This ensures that residential care is necessary and also identifies the root-cause of the employee’s issues and their symptoms.

If residential care is the way forward, and before your employee goes into our clinic, they will begin their treatment, so that progress is already being made and that they understand their issues, their treatment and the part that they play in their recovery.

For example, someone with a long-standing, deep-seated alcohol dependency will be given therapy to provide an understanding of the self-harm aspect of their condition and to address and remove any emotion around their issues that is contributing to their symptoms.

They will then enter into residential care, at one of our four establishments, for the necessary medicated detoxification. When appropriate, one of our therapists will attend the residential clinic, to enhance their recovery, using our own ‘Functional Integrated Therapy’ and 4T Trauma therapy, in tandem with the treatment for their addiction.

This will provide continuity and ensure that they are ready for the final phase of recovery, relapse prevention. Once your employee has completed their residential care, they would resume their treatment with their SAS-fit therapist, who will provide the coping strategies to prevent any relapse and resumption of their addiction.

Treatment will continue until all aspects of their symptoms have been addressed and they will be provided with audio and written exercises to future-proof their resilience. They will also be offered a ‘booster-session’ should any new, unforeseen events or circumstances arise during their recovery period.

Of course, as with all SAS-fit treatment plans, confidentiality will be of paramount importance.

Referral is simple.

To refer an employee, the first step is by email to who will arrange an appointment for your employee. This appointment will be used for consultation and first therapy treatment session (if appropriate). Following the consultation, SAS-fit will discuss their findings with you and agree a way forward.

Prior to acceptance for treatment, SAS-fit would need to carry out a telephone assessment between the employee and the trained admittance team at the residential clinic. We would also require the employee to provide a medical summary from their GP (This can be requested by the employee, or by our residential team), to assess the employee’s current medical situation and historical records to ensure that they are fit to begin treatment.

Once this assessment has been made, we can arrange admittance in around 24 to 48-hours.

SAS-fit residential care comes at a fixed price, with two levels of accommodation. The price includes pre-residential treatment, residential care and post-residential, relapse-prevention therapy. The cost is dependent on the length of the residential care and prices are available on application.