SAS-fit therapists are highly trained, vastly experienced, practitioners with a well-developed ‘toolbox’ and our own unique Functional Integrated Therapy (FIT) approach to treatment.
A full consultation will identify the root cause of your condition, before your therapist will discuss a unique treatment plan, designed to offer help, support and assistance, but always able to change as you make progress in your recovery.
Treatment will be supported by self-help exercises and is always discussed with you so that you understand your condition, the therapies used and how they will assist you.
We may use many different therapies to address your symptoms. This is because there is no magic cure, there is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy when treatment is as unique as you are.
SAS-fit: Functional Integrated Therapy is the use of a combination of therapies and unique tools, developed by our team of specialists, to assist you until your recovery is complete. This can be several therapies delivered in a single appointment, or your treatment may include therapy from more than one therapist.
We may use Psychological and Physiological therapies, because there can be Physical pain; we call it ‘Referred Pain’ involved in a Psychological referral, or Psychological aspects of long-term Physiological symptoms.
Whatever you need to make a full and long-term recovery, will be provided by our therapist team. No other welfare service provider has the FIT approach or can deliver such a high level of treatment, all with immediate access and no waiting lists for the duration of your treatment.