Your employer may have already referred you to HR, Occupational Health, your mental health first aid champion, TRiM champion, GP and the NHS. They may have arranged for you to be treated privately, or through an Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) and you may have already had treatment such as Counselling, CBT and EMDR, or been referred to see a physiotherapist

SAS-fit is different

They are a one stop shop for treating mental health and musculo-skeletal conditions, using the most effective, leading-edge treatments that would not be available from any of the above service providers

SAS-fit is person centred

A full consultation will identify the root cause of your condition and deliver a bespoke treatment plan that is unique to your issues, your history, your story, your symptoms and how they affect you

SAS-fit do not treat a label

There is no one size fits all solution, treatment is tailor made to suit you, your issues and your symptoms

SAS-fit are confidential and independent

That is a 100% guarantee