How can SAS-fit assist the Rail Industry?

SAS-fit have been specialist welfare service partners for their rail industry clients since 2012.

With a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience, SAS-fit are a recognised authority in treating Railway employees with complex mental health and musculo-skeletal conditions, that need more modern, holistic therapies, including our own ‘Timeline and Three-way Trauma Therapy’ (4T) and Neurokinetic Therapy, rather than traditional intervention such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling and Physiotherapy, that are limited in efficacy by their own protocols, and are less effective in treating the root-cause of the symptoms.

SAS-fit has railway knowledge and experience at all levels of their corporate structure, from a Managing Director with operational and senior management experience, to therapists who are ex-railway employees. SAS-fit understands the industry and the challenges of daily operation.

This intricate industry knowledge and experience, coupled with the most modern, bespoke therapy on the market, places SAS-fit at the forefront of railway employee well-being initiatives and is acknowledged by their continued involvement in bids for new franchises as their service adds value and demonstrates investment on a whole new level.

Over many years, SAS-fit has treated a wide variety of complex conditions and has become well-known throughout the industry, as pioneers in the rehabilitation of employees who have been involved in incidents of suicide and fatality.

Their approach to these emotive cases, each one unique in its facets and the effect on the employee, has revolutionised the approach, advocating immediate access to bespoke treatment, aimed at reducing a dependence on prescribed drugs, such as anti-depressants, and reducing the effect on the employee, their family and peers.

Of course, the treatment is also effective in reducing absence periods in general, delivering a saving in management time, Occupational Health referral and the payment of overtime, whilst improving measurable targets such as Public Performance Measure (PPM) and delivering welcome increases in National Passenger Survey (NPS) scores.

But that isn’t all that SAS-fit can do. They have valuable knowledge and experience in cases such as Grievance, Employee Performance, Employee Engagement and Disciplinary issues, delivering workshops and bespoke therapy to deliver a successful outcome in 98% of cases they manage.

Working collaboratively, with their specialist partners, SAS-fit also offer a full end-to-end service, including employee education, via a bespoke digital platform, and residential care for the more complex, long-standing, deep-seated conditions that require specialist care.

Our own 70:30 workshops and bespoke 90-minute therapy sessions to assist those in stressful roles, or with increased levels of anxiety, have proven very popular with our Rail Industry clients.

Overall, with SAS-fit as your preferred welfare service partner, you will reap the benefits of an exclusive service that only they can provide; modern services, with proven efficacy, that are still unavailable from the NHS, GP’s your EAP and through any other welfare service provider on the market today.