Who are SAS-fit?

SAS-fit are a specialist employee welfare company who assist people in managing complex mental health conditions. They have a unique approach, that is unavailable from the NHS, EAP, or any other welfare service provider. Using their own Functional Integrated Therapy (‘fit’), and pioneering 4T (Timeline and Three-way Trauma Therapy), they have a track record of delivering successful outcomes and full recovery, even in cases where traditional therapy has been unable to help.

What is Functional Integrated Therapy?

‘fit’ is an acronym for Functional Integrated Therapy. It is a collective term used by SAS-fit therapists who are trained to use a multi-modal approach to therapy. Treatment is bespoke and unique in every case, taking into account each person’s life story, their challenges, their symptoms and how they are affected. The solution may involve a number of different therapists, and a suite of therapies, to deliver a successful outcome, but there are no waiting lists. The therapies are selected to provide maximum effect, to address all of the symptoms and to deliver a successful outcome, regardless of any previous diagnosis. SAS-fit therapists are highly trained with a wide variety of therapeutic tools, to ensure that they are able to help each person with their own unique requirements.

What is 4T?

4T is an acronym for ‘Timeline and Three-way Trauma Therapy’. It is loosely based on a therapy pioneered in the late1980’s, called EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitisation and Re-programming), but modernised, refined and improved, to accelerate efficacy to address mental health conditions such as trauma (such as PTSD and c-PTSD), Stress, Anxiety, Depression and many more. 4T was developed by our own specialist therapists, to assist in the recovery process and to address the challenges they have seen from treating people in diverse industries such as Railway, Construction, Banking, IT and Emergency Services.

4T has a number of applications:

It can be used at the beginning of the treatment process, to identify and treat certain symptoms, certain aspects of trauma and assist in devising a bespoke treatment plan. It can be used to measure the efficacy of treatment and progress being made. It can be used to reinforce the therapies used. And, at the end of the treatment process, 4T is used to test the overall efficacy of the treatment, to identify any residual symptoms and to confirm that recovery and rehabilitation is complete. Only when 4T shows that a full recovery has been made, will therapy with SAS-fit be at a conclusion.

What problems can functional integrated therapy help with?

‘fit’ has proven effective in each and every case that SAS-fit has managed since their launch in 2012. Because it is a fluid approach and designed to deliver a bespoke treatment plan, its success is unlimited. This is because the therapies used are successful in their own right, but when they are integrated and delivered by highly trained therapists, their efficacy is enhanced.

In mental health treatment, there is no magic wand, no magic cure, no ‘one size fits all’ therapy. SAS-fit believes that Functional Integrated Therapy is the only way to deliver a successful outcome in every case.

What outcomes should people expect from functional integrated therapy?

Too often, people are given a label as a diagnosis for their mental health symptoms. If we take PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as an example, the label, once given, is treated with a one size fits all approach, using Counselling and/or CBT, supported by prescribed medication. SAS-fit believe that it is the symptoms, rather than the label, that need to be treated to deliver a full and long-term, drug-free recovery. This is the same with all other mental health conditions, regardless of their complexity and diversity. A person who is treated by SAS-fit should understand that a full recovery is not only possible, it is probable, so they should engage with their therapists, and look forward to being symptom free and fully recovered.

Who is functional integrated therapy suitable for?

‘fit’ has been designed and developed to work for any person, of any age, regardless of their life story, their symptoms and the way they have been affected.

What advice would you give someone who is debating whether therapy is right for them?

We would advise them to take the first step. There is a therapy, or therapies, that will work for them. SAS-fit therapists have the necessary tools to ensure that they can help each person to make a full recovery. The only requirement that SAS-fit need is that people are open, honest, and ready to work with therapists to make the recovery happen. If a person wants to get well, they will get well.

Where are your clinics?

SAS-fit has a national network of therapists and a portfolio of clinics, such as Harley Street, London and Mosley Street, Manchester

They also offer on-line therapy sessions, so you can be treated in the comfort of your own home.

Who are your therapists?

SAS-fit therapists are successful, knowledgeable and time-served, with varying areas of speciality and successful in their own private practices. Once they join the SAS-fit network, they must be qualified and experienced in the use of all of the therapies required, and have an understanding of SAS-fit specialist tools and methods. Training is intense and demanding, so only the very best will make the grade. If a therapist has certain speciality knowledge and experience, such as working with addiction, or children, SAS-fit will utilise their experience as necessary. Working with SAS-fit, challenges them and encourages them to grow both personally and professionally.

Thank you!

Thank-you for taking the time to consider trusting SAS-fit with your recovery. The next step is simple. Contact us via our website HERE or call 07927945839 for an informal chat with no obligation.